To serve our world, nurturing relationships and developing opportunities.

We Serve

We work on the philosophy of Servant Leadership and look to create a set of practices that enrich the lives of individuals, help build a better organisation and ultimately create a more just and caring world.

Our World

Our world are the communities we serve, the sectors we work in, the individuals we work with and our employees who make it happen – our world is important to us.

Nurturing Relationships

We believe that one of the best outcomes of our work is the establishment, growth, and support for positive business relationships. This is as true for our exhibitors and visitors, as well as our business colleagues and partners.

Developing opportunities

We look for the best opportunities for the individuals and communities we work with. Whether it be a recommendation on a show to attend, a course to take, or insights to share, we seek out opportunities for the success of all members of our world.

Greville's Story

Our company is named after Henry Greville Montgomery, a pioneer in the brickwork business, who in 1895 staged a Building Trades Exhibition at the Royal Agricultural Hall and later Olympia in order to help the struggling West country clay traders during a period of Depression. Greville mobilised his political contacts as a Liberal Party member to highlight these workers’ needs by giving them space at the exhibition – an effort that impressed the public so much he went on to win a seat for the Liberals in the 1906 election in the Tory Bridgwater stronghold, becoming a popular MP. 125 years later, his values and legacy of helping others by providing the opportunities they needed to survive and prosper lives on through today’s Montgomery Group.

Our History

  • Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam is launched.

  • Montgomery Group Managing Director Damion Angus is 2018 Chair of the Association of Event Organisers (AEO).

  • Montgomery acquires FIT Show – the leading event for the window, door and flat glass sector.

  • The recently-launched Montgomery Asia launched their first events; Speciality & Fine Food Fair Asia and Restaurant, Pub & Bar Asia.

  • Montgomery wins most Memorable Event Moment for our 120th Birthday Celebrations – which was a new award for the AEO Award.

  • Acquired the full ownership of the Independent Hotel Show.

  • We celebrated our 120th birthday in style in the Manchester Square Gardens.

  • Ran our first humanitarian aid event when Montgomery purchased AidEx, and Montgomery Aid & Development was born.

  • Delivered the first Festival of Business in Liverpool in conjunction with the UK Government. Launched the Africa Rising event as part of the festival.

  • The launch edition of Electra Mining Botswana was attended by 0.1% of the entire population of Botswana and made headline news that night.

  • Montgomery purchased Reed Exhibitions share of Fresh RM and Fresh Montgomery was born (now known as Montgomery Food, Drink & Hospitality).

  • Speciality & Fine Food Fair was launched.

  • Fresh RM is launched as a joint venture company between Montgomery and Reed Exhibitions.

  • Nelson Mandela visited Electra Mining Africa.

  • Chef Gordon Ramsey wins National Chef of the Year at Salon Culinaire.

  • Hotelympia was visited by Princess Diana – Olympia had suffered some damage to the roof that year from a particularly bad storm and attendees had to evacuate, mostly to the pub!

  • Prince Charles visited IFE (twice over the years!).

  • The Queen Mother visits Hotelympia.

  • David Hockney provides the design for the poster for Art LA.

  • The Liverpool Garden Festival attracted 3.4m visitors – the largest event in the UK since the Great Exhibition of 1851.

  • IFE was launched and still runs today as the leading food & drink trade event.

  • Lord Louis Mountbatten tore up his notes at IDEA (International Domestic Equipment and Appliance Show) to demonstrate the new Dyson Vacuum cleaner, which was launched at the event.

  • Sandy Angus, now Montgomery Group Chairman, joins the company.

  • Christaan Barnard opened the first SA Medical show just after performing the World’s first heart transplant.

  • Molly and Bryan Montgomery founded Specialised Exhibitions (Pty) Ltd in South Africa, which is still part of The Montgomery Group and is one of South Africa’s leading exhibition organisers.

  • One of the only public duties of King Edward VIII in 1937 was visiting the Building Exhibition at Olympia.

  • Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (later called Hotelympia) was launched and is the longest running Trade Show in the UK.

  • The only architectural work ever carried out in Britain by Le Corbusier was a stand at the 1930 Building show for Venesta. This marked the arrival of ‘modernism’ to the UK.

  • The Building Exhibition was visited by the Prince & Princess of Wales shortly before their accession, on the death of King Edward VII, as King George V and Queen Mary.

  • 1904 International Colliery Exhibition Catalogue

    We launched our first mining show known as the Colliery Show.

  • The First Building Show then became the world’s first biennial show.

  • Greville Montgomery MP launched the First Building Show at Westminster in 1895 to support the ailing clay workers whose Institute of Clayworkers he had founded that year.

  • Montgomery’s Founder; Greville Montgomery MP launched the company.

  • Manchester Square 1799

    Our Manchester Square buildings (which is still The Montgomery Group Headquarters today) were completed and first occupied by aristocrats fleeing the French Revolution. Manchester.